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1、虚拟语气 当表示强烈建议、命令、愿望、请求时使用虚拟语气。

  ☆ If I were you, I would accept this proposal.

  ☆ You had better work hard on your English. 

  ☆ It is high time that we shattered the illusion that we can succeed without hard work.

  ☆If we had been aware of environmental conservation, our environment would be better.

  ☆ Had we been aware of environmental conservation, our environment would be better now.

  ☆ My suggestion for you is that you should persist in your goal, no matter what situation you are in.

  ☆ It is ssential/ important/ necessary/ urgent/ desirable that we should collaborate actively.

2、被动语态 书面英语尽量避免用人作主语常用被动语态。

  ☆Feasible measures can be worked out to address the issue of overpressure undertaken by the youth.

  ☆The traffic congestion can be alleviated through the following feasible measures.


  ☆ It is the application of human’s ingenuity that boosts the advances of science and technology.

  ☆There is causality between economic growth and environment pollution.

  ☆ It is universally acknowledged that importance should be attached to English.

  ☆ There is no denying that water is indispensable to human beings.

  ☆ No one can overlook the fact that our life has been changed through the advance of science and technology.

  ☆ Few things are as secure as insurance,which is widely held by most countries in the world.

  ☆ Any nation ignoring the warning sign would inescapably pay a heavy price.

  ☆ It is time that we put an immediate end to the deplorable situation.

  ☆ There is no better time to start than right now,for you will never be offered a greater chance than you are at this moment.

  ☆ Schopenhauer is right in saying/ asserting/ remarking that 'a man can do what he wants,but can’t want what he wants' and it has been a real inspiration to me since my youth: it has been a continual consolation to people faced with life’s hardships, and an unfailing wellspring of tolerance.

  ☆ The latest study conducted by researchers in 2012 demonstrates that the system reduced teen car crashes.

  ☆ An example of my friends,perhaps, will make this point clear.

  ☆ There is a belief that reading the classics enables the youth to dwell on the beauty and complexity of life, which is both beneficial and essential to their personal growth.

  ☆ We are convinced that the problem will definitely be eradicated through the measures given above.

  ☆ It is no coincidence that the accidents occur after drinking.

  ☆ It is desirable that college students should do some part-time jobs.

  ☆ Environmentalists deem it critical that the electronic trash(should)be reclaimed and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

  ☆There is a probability that the ability to use English is elevated through persistent practice.

4、注意否定句的表达 书面英语表达尽量避免出现否定词NOT

  ☆Few people believe that great object can be achieved without unyielding efforts.

  ☆ I missed the first bus.

  ☆ People in the early era had little protection.

  ☆ I suffered a failure in improving my management ability.

  ☆ They abhor all forms of racial discrimination.

  ☆ People resent the unfairness in the society.

  ☆ He is absent from the conference.

5、双重否定 强调可以通过双重否定来实现。

  ☆ It is not uncommon that there is a deficiency of iron in our bodies.

  ☆ Internet crimes are never rare cases.

  ☆No one can deny the fact that fair play is indispensable to any industry.


  ☆ So many are the homeless that the local government can’t cope with.

  ☆ Not only should the government focus on the issue;but also each individual is obliged to work on it.

  ☆ Not until the Monday did I realize that I had commited a blunder.

  ☆ Only through painstaking efforts can we learn English well.

7、关联词 文中可以恰当地运用关联词。

  ☆ Consequently

  ☆ Yet/ whereas/ conversely/ contrarily/ however

  ☆ And/ as well as/ together with

  ☆ Initially/ additionally/ besides/ of course/ then

  ☆ For one thing, for another

  ☆ On one hand, on the other hand

  ☆ For example, for instance

  ☆A case in the point is that...

  ☆ Take...as an example/ cite





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